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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Deep Clan: Granblue

Epic mount
The highly anticipated and long-awaited Granblue analysis. There is a lot to say about this clan—the zombie pirates that can be resurrected any number of times. For a lot of people, Granblue is both a difficult clan to build and execute. This is because the clan is based so much around synergy with each card that one misplay can pretty much cost you the game. I can confidently say this is the most technical clan to date and both the easiest to screw up and the hardest to master. It isn't through sheer power, spam, rushing, defense, or any one gimmick that Granblue pull victory. Nay, even contrary to what the theme might suggest, revival is not even the ultimate goal for victory. Granblue excel in every area and have an answer to most situations.

Because of the synergistic nature of this clan, many cards can be sprinkled into any of the other builds at 1-2 copies with no problem at all. Granblue also allows for some of the most bizarre Winning Images—that actually work, to exist in the game. Ever think about running one copy of only 4 Grade 3s? Howabout one Grade 3 total? Have you ever wanted to spam those soulblasting cards that let you draw, or just get advantage simply for riding Grade 3? Have you ever thought about running 10 critical triggers and 2 stand triggers? This is some pretty weird stuff, but that's Granblue for you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Everything About Ride Chains

It's the beginning of a fight. You and your opponent stand up the Vanguard and you notice that he or she is running the Grade 0 for a line of upgradable Vanguards. These are Ride Chains—a fan term applied to certain cards in vanguard that are direct progressions on the Vanguard circle. An example is starting with Drangal, then riding Knight of Quests Galahad; following up by riding Knight of Tribulations Galahad and finalizing the chain with Knight of Godly Speed Galahad. The chain is now complete and at each stage you were able to gain some extra effect for having the preceding card(s) in your soul. It's just that simple! But is it really?
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